Anfu Lu

Anfu Lu is a quaint street in the Former French Concession, shaded by leafy trees and full of independent boutiques, furniture stores, cafes and restaurants. Spend a weekend here scouring the shops for home decorations and enjoy a good meal with the best company.

Fei Dan

This well-known grocery chain offers deli items, ice cream, imported produce and, who can forget, cheap bottles of wine and beer. Grab a table outside, weather permitting, and snack on some imported cold cuts with a (plastic) glass of wine.
158 Anfu Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu. Tel: 5403 6991. Web:


Drawing Room

This is a fifth storey nail bar/beauty salon/café-cum-bar. Set in an old mansion building, on a clear weather day, this unique space offers stunning views out towards a garden area and the rooftops of nearby FFC building. Sit on the terrace and drink a water chestnut latte (with decaf and skimmed milk options available), whilst getting your nails done. The only downside to the Drawing Room is working up the energy to climb the flights of stairs. We suggest stopping at the numerous cute clothing boutiques on the way up.
284 Anfu Lu, near Wukang Lu. Tel: 5418 8779


Franck Provost

This international, French hair brand is a favourite amongst many expats in Shanghai. Have a consultation with an internationally trained hairstylist to discuss the latest hair trends and what style is best suited to you. It is also worth noting that the salon carries many imported hair care products that are hard to find in other locations.
164 Anfu Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu. Tel: 3356 3188. Web:


Hunter Gatherer

This brand new restaurant and grocery aims to “celebrate real food”. The brand sources produce from their own chemical-free farms and creates dishes around the ingredients sourced, allowing their fresh taste to shine. The ethos here is to improve the land and the lives of the people who grow our food. Grab a seat on their terrace while the weather holds out.
308 Anfu Lu, near Wukang Lu. Tel: 5425 0272. Web: www.


MIC – Feiyue

This tiny store can only really fit three patrons inside its tiny gangway at once, so be prepared to queue. The Made In China Feiyue plimsolls are worth the wait, however, and there is a wide range of sizes and colours displayed on the wall, with the most basic pair starting at a reasonable RMB 49. Ask for a customer loyalty card, and get your tenth pair for free.
250 Anfu Le, near Wukang Lu.


Gnn’s Garden

Pick up a potted plant or two for your home in this local florist. Chat with the passionate assistants and find the ideal shrubbery for your apartment.


Piling Palang

Traditional Chinese products such as lacquer, ceramic, cloisonné and paper are given a modern twist in this fashionable, upscale design brand. Old-fashioned artwork is given a vibrant twist with the use of bright colours and eyecatching patterns. The perfect store to pick up a unique gift or a centrepiece for your own home.
183 Anfu Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu. Tel: 6422 7577. Web:


Regalo + Ecoshop

The jewellery store and toiletries shop are housed under one roof and are as equally labour intensive as one another. Ecoshop offers wonderfully aromatic handmade soaps and lotions, while Regalo boasts cute jewellery designs made by the owner herself.
271 Anfu Lu, near Wukang Lu. Tel: 139 1694 4101