The Hairy Crab Supplement

Le Royal Meridien Shanghai

Hairy Crabs are the best thing about autumn in Shanghai and, as usual, Ai Mei Chinese Restaurant at Le Royal Meridien Shanghai has a selection of the plumpest and most succulent, bursting with soft meat and bright orange roe specially prepared by our award winning Executive Chinese Chef Peter Zhang from Hong Kong.

Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai
Hai Pai, the signature Chinese restaurant of Andaz Xintiandi, Shanghai, is pleased to announce the launch of its Hairy Crab Menu. Available for only a few short months each year, hairy crab is highly treasured and is a must-try for residents and visitors to Shanghai alike.
Executive Chef Jacqueline Qiu has interpreted this local favourite delicacy and updated it for the times. The extravagant menu is fit for any shared meal this autumn and showcases the best of this delicate ingredient with three dishes in particular: hairy crab meat with double-boiled bird’s nest, wok-fried hairy crab meat with shrimp, and hairy crab meat served with a mushroom shell.
These creative new dishes are served in the perfect setting at Hai Pai, a neighbourhood favourite that puts a bit of its name—“Shanghai style”— into each of its many varied elements. The items on this set menu all show individual flair while telling a unified story of autumn feasts enjoyed between close friends and family.
“Hairy crab is one of my favourite items to work with,” says Executive Chef Jacqueline Qiu. “Its unique flavour allows me to use it in many different ways, including in some of Shanghai’s most wellknown dishes. It allows me to have fun with tradition—I can create freely and push forward the culinary tradition of the city while applying the same ingredients and methods that families here have been using for centuries.”

The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong

In China, particularly in Shanghai, autumn is a much awaited time as it brings the season of the “hairy crab”. Hairy crab season officially starts in the ninth lunar month for female crab and the tenth for male crab. Traditional cooking style is to steam the crab and dip the meat in vinegar with shredded ginger and sugar and wash it down with yellow rice wine.
Crab lovers are invited to enjoy the most authentic of hairy crabs served in Jin Xuan Chinese Restaurant including steamed hairy crab with dried ooba leaf, assorted hairy crab salad, braised imperial bird’s nest with hairy crab meat and crab roe, steamed Shanghainese “Xiao Long Bao” with crab roe… just to name a few.
Jin Xuan Chinese Restaurant showcases the very best Chinese cuisine in a spectacular location with its high ‘vaulted’ ceilings and a mezzanine level. This fine dining Chinese Restaurant, designed by Steve Leung from Hong Kong, is the discerned choice for social and business diners alike. The refined menu specialises in Cantonese dishes complemented with regional favourites from other Chinese provinces. Tea connoisseurs will be well catered to and indulged as the best choices of tea can be enjoyed in pairing combinations to ideally match and suit the dishes they order.
The main dining area can seat up to 52 guests, while the six private dining rooms can host a total capacity of 64; two VIP dining rooms are also available for up to 40 guests.

Le Meridien Sheshan Shanghai

Hairy crabs are an autumn delicacy in Shanghai cuisine and in Eastern China. It is prized for the female crab roe, which ripen in the ninth lunar month and the males in the tenth. The most famous hairy crab should come from nowhere but Yangcheng Lake. Yangcheng Lake’s unique location and water quality help its hairy crab to win the reputation as the best hairy crab. Le Mei Chinese Restaurant of Le Meridien Sheshan Shanghai now offers a special set menu, to give you a both healthy and delicious experience of hairy crab.


Swissotel Grand Shanghai

When the icy wind of late autumn starts seeping into your senses, it’s time for crab season again. What you can’t miss out on is freshwater hairy crab. What else? Chili Crab is something you should try as well. Visit Café Swiss for the perfect tonic. For RMB 288 per person, a serving of half chili crab and free flow of local beer on the full dinner buffet will do the trick! Offered until the end of November for dinner at Café Swiss.

New World Shanghai Hotel

For discerning foodies, nothing signals autumn like the taste of Hairy Crab. At YUE 1525, feast on this seasonal Chinese delicacy the traditional way – steamed to perfection and accompanied by ginger-infused black vinegar. Renowned for its sweet, delicate meat and tasty roe, Hairy Crab hails from Shanghai but has gained global appeal.
Buy Two, Get One Free On Hairy Crab At RMB 158 Each.
YUE 1525 is headed by the veteran Cantonese Chef Wong from Hong Kong. Dim sum, clay pot dishes, double-boiled soups and chef ’s signature recipes are among the favourites. Guests can enjoy authentic Hong Kong-style Cantonese cuisine at YUE 1525, whether for business lunches, family gatherings or special occasions.


Three On The Bund 

This autumn, discover one of Shanghai’s signature delicacies: hairy crab. Only in season from October until late November, this succulent crustacean is prized for its tender flesh and silky sweet roe. Whampoa Club at Three On The Bund is celebrating hairy crab season with an extensive range of dishes featuring the best hairy crabs from Tai Lake. Enjoy a la carte, or as part of a special set menu.
Five dishes set menu RMB 688 per person
Seven dishes set menu RMB 688 per person
Above prices are subject to 10% service charge.

Shanghai Marriott Hotel Pudong East

Until 31 December, hairy crab, this plump, sweet and succulent crustacean will be turned into mouthwatering dishes at Man Ho, the signature Chinese restaurant of Shanghai Marriott Hotel Pudong East.
It is time to gather your dear ones for steamed hairy crabs and savour this crustacean now. Feast on the roefilled roefilled hairy crab, full of sweetness and freshness, and get ready to be messy, as always during a hairy crab feast. To further expand this enjoyable flavour, various forms of hairy crab dishes are also available at Man Ho. Head for the city’s annual frenzy and indulge in this palatable meal, which will surely leave you wanting more!


Banyan Tree Shanghai on The Bund

Late autumn means it’s time to celebrate the return of a cherished delicacy, the hairy crab. Banyan Tree Shanghai On The Bund is preparing a selection of hairy crab offerings for everyone to enjoy.
Each year, Shanghai gourmands eagerly anticipate the arrival of the hairy crab (dazhaxie), so named because of the smooth hairs on its legs. The tasty crabs are harvested from Yangcheng Lake in late autumn. Each hairy crab weighs between 150-225 grams and its succulent meat and distinctive orange roe make it a beloved seasonal dish throughout China and across Asia.
Until December, Banyan Tree Shanghai will present a gastronomic hairy crab feast. Ming Yuan will serve two menus based around the coveted crustacean. Two six-course menus featuring exquisite hairy crab selections will be served daily. Meanwhile, a Yellow Wine Pairing option devised by Ming Yuan, is also available to enhance the local flavour of the hairy crab dining experience.
This season, Ming Yuan’s hairy crab special dishes will include deep fried crab shell, braised river shrimps with crab roe, stewed baby lobster ball with crab roe, steamed crab roe dumpling and more.


Hyatt on the Bund

For Shanghai’s gourmands, hairy crab season is the highlight of the year. Aroma offers a buffet including endless hairy crab and other seafood delights, plus free-flow wine, beer and soft drinks, or Chinese rice wine. It’s an ideal way to feast on this local delicacy while the season lasts.
Available throughout November for dinner, as well as lunch on the weekends. Priced at RMB 368 per person plus 15% service charge including free flow of yellow rice wine, red and white wine, beer, soft drinks and fresh juice.

Tonino Lamborghini City Center Hotel Kunshan 

During the best time of the year to eat golden hairy crab, Tonino Lamborghini City Center Hotel Kunshan will offer you a warm welcome while you enjoy the fresh delicacies. With aged vinegar and special ginger tea, slowly chewing the fine crab meat will leave you with an endless aftertaste in the month. Tonino Lamborghini City Center Hotel Kunshan invites you to enjoy the luscious meat and golden roe of this popular autumn delicacy. Special room rates during hairy crab season start from RMB 1,035.


Fairmont  Yangcheng Lake

Autumn is the season famous for hairy crabs, especially when they are harvested from Yangcheng Lake. The hotel carefully selects each hairy crab to ensure that it is juicy and tender. Stay at Fairmont Yangcheng Lake to enjoy the freshest hairy crabs.
Room rates start from RMB 2,088 +15% service charge and include one night accommodation in a luxurious room, welcome amenities, complimentary breakfast for two and one pair of crabs per room with Chinese set dinner for two.

Kempinski Hotel Suzhou

Kempinski Hotel Suzhou are celebrating the arrival of the new hairy crab season by serving a selection of the finest hairy crab in Suzhou. With unique, mouth-watering flavours, and prepared according to preference, their Yangcheng Lake hairy crab will have your taste buds tingling in sensation this autumn!


Four Points by Sheraton Suzhou

From RMB 989 per room per night, go and enjoy a delicious hairy crab feast and have a comfortable stay in a Four Points by Sheraton Comfort bed. 
This deal includes two complimentary buffet breakfast, free WIFI and two hairy crab set meals valued at RMB 216 per person.

Hyatt Regency Suzhou

Hairy crab is famous in Suzhou. On Friday night, and during weekend lunches and dinners, Market Café will present each guest with one hairy crab, sourced directly from nearby Yangcheng Lake. Enjoy this seasonal treat in the elegant setting of Market Café, and experience a unique culinary journey presented by the hotel’s chefs.