Gadgets & Gizmos: Foodie Fun

Have fun with your food this month! We bring you creative and whimsical gadgets to keep cooking and eating exciting.
Mr. Tea Infuser
Let the stresses of the day melt away with Mr. Tea. Insert your favourite leaves into Mr. Tea and watch your cuppa become his hot tub! Say hello to your teatime's new best friend!
Price: RMB 60. Web:
The Kitchen Safe
Curb your cravings with the Kitchen Safe. The Kitchen Safe container is securely locked by inputting a future time or date. The safe will only open when the selected date or time arrives. It is available in multiple sizes. Keep your vices – whether they are food-related or not – away from you like no other safe can!
Price: RMB 300. Web:
Cinnibird Spice Pen
Ever wanted barista-style art on your own coffee at home? The Cinnibird Spice Pen allows you to doodle on your daily cuppa! To use it, you simply fill the pen with cinnamon or any other spice and press to draw. 
Price: RMB 215. Web:
Yolkfish Egg Separator
Need a good yolk separator for your eggs? The Yolkfish Egg Separator sucks up the yolk and stores it for future use. Crack your eggs into a bowl and squeeze the Yolkfish to keep your egg whites. When Yolkfish is not squeezing up eggs, we're sure it can be a great impromptu water gun!
Price: RMB 78. Web: www.
Citrus Zinger Sport
Do you crave fresh lemonade on the go? The Citrus Zinger Sport takes your water to the next level! This sports bottle features a leak-free compartment specially designed to extract juice from citrus fruits complete with a flip-up straw. Enjoy your on-the-go-water with an added vitamin C boost.
Price: RMB 108.
Cookie USB Cup Warmer
Keep your drinks warm with a cookie! The Cookie USB Cup Warmer, from Just Mustard, plugs into your computer for a perfect companion when early morning work needs to be done. Press the button and watch your cuppa stay warm.
Price: RMB 60. Web:
App of the Month: Kitchen Stories
Make cooking more fun with the Kitchen Stories app! This app comes equipped with video recipes, step-by-step photo instructions, a notepad, a measurement converter, a shopping list creator, reminders and everything you need for your next dinner party. The Kitchen Stories family feature allows you to connect with food lovers around the world and share recipes! And for the cherry on top, new recipes along with how-to videos are added every week for free.
Price: Free. Web: