Art Talk

I Am Your Labyrinth @ 1933 Contemporary

This inclusive exhibition brings together a range of Chinese artists in a creative expression of identity. The idea behind “I Am Your Labyrinth” is the Greek mythological story of Ariadne, Theseus and the thread through the labyrinth. In the story's interpretation, the labyrinth becomes a metaphor for the being and becoming whilst finding one's self. For this exhibit, the idea extends to the artists' creative process of construction and deconstruction, and how guests can see a new reflection of themselves through these pieces.

Artists include Ren Jie, Cai Zebin, Zheng Wenxin, Jia Chun, Gongxu, Liu Guoqiang, Miao Jing, Liu Chang and many others. Displayed in a labyrinth-style maze, guests walk from a typical gallery to a room containing interactive displays before ending at a reading room.
The reading room is part of 1933's Read/View project. This project aims to establish a reading room with curated books on contemporary art practice and thinking. More artistic events and a special series of exhibitions are being planned within the reading room.
I Am Your Labyrinth runs until 29 June @ 1933 Contemporary. 611 Liyang Lu, near Haining Lu. Tel: 3258 2558.
Myanmar In Motion @ LWH Gallery
A nation, once shut off from the world, is slowly opening its doors. Once ruled by a military regime, with no rule of law, minorities were subjugated, the majority was oppressed - all in a constant state of flux, change and unrest. 
However, golden rays of hope now pierce through the clouds and reflect from the roofs of glittering pagodas. Change is being brought about, led by a noble lady. After decades of isolation, hope is finally in the air.
Today, Myanmar’s artists and intellectuals are pushing the boundaries of creative self-expression. Writers are giving readings at literary festivals, musicians are fusing hip hop with traditional music and painters are revealing works that, for decades, could only be shared with trusted friends. “Myanmar In Motion” presents a spectrum of exciting works by both masters and emerging artists.
Together, their works have been shown in major cities such as Boston, Hong Kong, New York, Munich, Singapore and Toronto.
Of the works presented, some are openly political whereas others tell the personal stories of the individual. Although Buddhist influences are evident in the majority of the works, you cannot merely define them as simply a Buddhist piece of art – that would belittle the torrent of different forces and movements sweeping across the nation. The artists are currently capturing one of the most significant moments in Myanmar’s modern history. Artists include Wint Tint, Maw Thu Danu, Khin Muang Zaw and Moe Z. Be a witness of a nation in motion.
Myanmar In Motion runs from 17 July to 26 August @ LWH Gallery . Room 102, Building 14, G/F, 50 Moganshan Lu, near Xi Suzhou Lu. Tel: 187 0171 7975. Web:
JonOne – Solo Show @ Magda Danysz Gallery
One of the leading figures of the street-art scene, JonOne began tagging New York subways in 1970. Gradually, he honed and developed his abstract art to become a key, international street-art figure. His works are shown in the most prestigious museums and collections around the world, including the National Parliament in France - he recently created a huge canvas, “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” (freedom, equality and brotherhood), as a tribute to the founders of the French Republic. On this occasion, the artist-in-residence will present a series of drawings and paintings especially designed for this solo show.
By playing with bright, energetic colours, JonOne expresses his deepest feelings and creates works full of life, reminiscent of the drippings of Jackson Pollock.
Through the power of his physical relation with the canvas, JonOne makes his viewers see and discover experiences in a new way. JonOne considers himself an "abstract expressionist" who must constantly renew hiself. His works are likely to express an agitation and rhythm, which reflect a desire to live and a desire for freedom.
JonOne – Solo Show runs until 21 August @ Magda Danysz Gallery. 188 Linqing Lu, near Yangshupu Lu. Tel: 5513 9599. Web: