Gadgets & Gizmos

Lotus MiniGrill
Want to BBQ on the go? The new Lotus MiniGrill is compact at only 240mm by 225mm and features a removable grill plate that converts it into a handy camping stove. There is also an adjustable fan which blows air directly onto the charcoal to rapidly create the desired cooking temperature. Made of stainless steel and weighing only 2kg, the grill is perfect for BBQs on the go or camping.
Price: RMB 940. Web: www.
SolSource Solar Stove
All you need to get this stove fired up is a little bit of sun. SolSource reaches 700°F and can cook a 6” steak within minutes. First developed to combat fuel scarcity and household air pollution in the Himalayas, this rugged, high-performance solar stove harnesses solar energy at up to 90% efficiency to cook fast, healthy and low-hassle meals for the whole family. With zero carbon emissions, you won’t feel guilty about throwing a few steaks on the barbie this summer.
Price: RMB 2480. Web:
UE Megaboom Speakers
These portable, wireless speakers blast 360-degree sound with deep, heart-pounding base and are perfect for an impromptu BBQ party at home or in the park. You can rely on UE Megaboom to make your awesome playlist sound even better.
Price: RMB 1,700. Web:
Grill Daddy Cleaner
After all the fun, somebody is going to be left with the cleaning. Ensure you (or your ayi) get it right by investing in a Grill Daddy cleaner. With many options available, make sure you brush and steam your way back to a shiny grill.
Price: From RMB 100. Web:
Epson Projector
Gather your friends together for a moonlit cinema and BBQ night. The Epson EX7235 Pro is the perfect choice as it is a lightweight, portable device, complete with carrycase. The perfect option for use outdoors.
Price: RMB 3,730. Web:
BBQ Dragon Lighter
The BBQ Dragon starts charcoal faster than a chimney without using lighter fluid. It controls the heat of grills and smokers, starts fireplaces and campfires, and does it all hands-free. The safer way to light your BBQ this summer.
Price: RMB 370. Web:
App Of The Month: Jack Daniel’s Grill Buddy 
This app will take the hassle out of BBQ planning. Not only does it instruct you how to cook your meat, based on your inputted personal taste preferences, it will also alert you as to when you need to set the meat on, and take it off, the grill. Recipe ideas and drink suggestions are also available, as well as live updates on the weather in your location – to grill or not to grill. That is the question!
Price: Free. Web: