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In Between Days VI: Group Exhibition By Gallery Artists @ Art+ Shanghai Gallery
These are the days of high suns and short nights, of adventure and exploration. At Art+ Shanghai Gallery, these are the days that celebrate the vibrancy and variety of contemporary art.
Showcasing a range of new and previously exhibited works, In Between Day VI: Group Exhibition by Gallery Artists is the sixth annual summer exhibition of works from the collection of Art+ Shanghai Gallery. Works of painting, sculpture, and photography from both Chinese and foreign artists will be on display during August.
In Between Days VI: Group Exhibition By Gallery Artists runs until 30 August @ Art+ Shanghai Gallery. 191 Nan Suzhou Lu, near Sichuan Zhong Lu. Tel: 6333 7223. Web:


Turning Point: Contemporary Art in China Since 2000 @ Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
Professor Yi Ying, renowned art historian and critic, will take the role as the academic moderator of the exhibition. Featuring 52 artists/artist collectives in total, the exhibition presents work ranging from painting, sculpture, installation to video and animation.
Highlighting the year 2000 as a key time concept, the exhibition intends to probe into the various changes, emerging trends of thought, as well as social problems ever since then and to cast light on the responses contemporary art has made. The exhibition focuses mainly on two “turning points”, or say two types of “transition”– that from easel art to conceptual art and from form to social significance. To be more specific, the former refers to the fact that in the wake of the development of the linguistic nature of contemporary art, the linear evolution of art since mid-80s came to an end. Compared to art back in the 90s, which featured paintingmainly, it has now become more diverse and  conceptual. The latter stresses the changes of the writing of contemporary art. Attention has been shifted from the logic embedded in the form to social movements, social significance, social problems (i.e. urban space, land and ethnic groups) and the demonstration of the different experiences. In the meantime, with the increasing involvement of the Internet, films, televisions, high-tech and new media, the art form has witnessed continuous development, as it is equipped with the capacity to present new visual forms of expression in line with the development of the society.
Turning Point: Contemporary Art in China Since 2000 runs until 4 September @ Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Bldg. F, 570 Huaihai Xi Lu, near Hongqiao Lu. Tel: 6282 8729. Web:


The World Of Tim Burton @ Lafayette Art & Design Centre
Tim Burton is a filmmaker, illustrator, author and artist who is widely known as a master of the comically grotesque and the endearingly heartfelt. While the renowned director had been previously recognised almost exclusively for his cinematic work, the international exhibition of Burton’s art over the past seven years displays the full range of his creative production, revealing a versatile artist whose unique vision transcends mediums and formats.
The exhibition comprises of approximately 500 drawings, paintings, photographs, puppets, sculptural installations and videos. Curated from the artist’s personal archive, the exhibition is presented in sections that examine Burton’s extensive career through his themes, motifs and projects.
The World Of Tim Burton runs until 10 October @ Lafayette Art & Design Centre. 323 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu. Web: