Smooth(ie) Talking By FIELDS China

Why You Should Be Making Your Own

True, smoothies can feel like a bit of a foodie fad, one that’ll likely be ‘been and gone’ sometime soon. And true, it’s all too easy to overspend on shop bought varieties that sound more like elixirs and potions, claiming to be virtual panaceas for all ills. But truth is, smoothies are a great way to up your and your families intake of vital fruit and veg. And truth is – as with so many things – homemade is almost always better, for maximum nutrition, flavour and freshness. So it’s simple. Grab your blender and whatever produce is in season and start blending!

It’s All In The Base
Consistency is key if you’re going to get your smoothie right. And crucial to a good consistency is your liquid base, which will help all your ingredients blend together. For those with a sweet tooth, opt for natural apple or grape juice. If sour is more your thing, choose orange or grapefruit juice.
Switching juice out for milk or yogurt as a base will result in a richer, creamier consistency. If you’re avoiding dairy or suffer from allergies, coconut, soy or almond milk is the path to follow.
Always keep at least a one-to-two ratio of liquid to solids, which will ensure a creamy texture without being too thick. 
Pack A Flavor Punch
With your base sorted, next comes the flavour. It’s a simple business – as easy as throwing your favourite fruits and veggies into the blender. But there are few rules to follow: Firstly, use frozen fruit over fresh – this will lend a thicker texture to the finished smoothie and will keep it cold without the need to add ice cubes (aka water, that will dilute the flavour). Secondly, bananas are key, helping flavours to come together, creating a smoother, creamed end product. Indeed, if you plan to add fibrous fruits – like pineapple, mango or apples with the skin on – consider adding equal parts banana to avoid a stringy smoothie.

The Spice Is Right

Spice will transform the mundane into the magnificent. Take a simple banana and nut milk base for instance, then add cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla or even coffee for an instantly boutique brew.
Add Crunch

Experimenting with texture is another way to up the stakes, not only adding interest but also piling on nutrition. Crushed almonds, walnuts and cashews add crunch, whilst a scattering of chia seeds will result in a unique, almost bubble tea feel.

Get Creative

Don’t overlook vegetables either, for different flavour combinations and additional health benefits. Earthy salad greens, cucumber and beetroot for instance, work well with sour and base fruits like kiwi, apple and pineapple.

Electric Pink Dragon Fruit And Chia Smoothie

½ pink dragon fruit
½ banana
6 frozen raspberries
200 millilitres almond milk
1 tbsp. chia seeds
1 tbsp. dried coconut
1. Simply blend the fruit and almond milk in a blender or food processor.
For a thinner texture, add a little more almond milk.
2. Add one spoon of chia seeds and mix or blend briefly.
3. Serve topped with dried coconut flakes.
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