Around Town

Your news round-up for the month of June

The Happiest Place In Shanghai?

Shanghai Disney Resort is finally set to open on 16 June. A six-week invitationonly trial operation period already took place last month to iron out the last few kinks. Disney is promising six themed lands and a unique world-class destination that provides the best of Disney to the fine people of China! If you don’t mind battling the crowds to be one of the first guests admitted, the price of admission during the grand opening period, which finishes 30 June, will be RMB 499. Afterwards, the regular price of admission to the theme park will be RMB 370. See you at Treasure Cove, "arrrgh".
World’s First Chinese Street Food And Wine Pairing Tour
The special event will be held once a month, and pairs UnTour Shanghai’s most popular tour (the Night Markets tour) with three Chinese wines. We know, we know, Chinese wine, blergh? But the company has worked with Lionel Le Gal from Vin Essentials to select the most influential, interesting and up-and-coming wineries in the country, including Grace Vineyards' new fresh and bubbly blanc de noir that launched in 2015.
The first tour will be at 7pm on 18 June, and guests can book their tickets through the website, There is a special introductory price for the June tour, just RMB 600 per person - and there are only 10 spots available (adults-only, obviously!)
Michelin Guide Coming To Shanghai
After being teased and touted for years, it appears that the renowned restaurant reference book will finally publish a Shanghai edition later this year. Although the Michelin Guide has already been launched in Hong Kong and Macau, Shanghai will be its first assault on the Mainland. Bets are on in the Talk office to see which of Shanghai’s finest dining establishments will take home the stars, and if there will be a street food category.

Not Just Hot Air

More than 200 new wind turbines are now up and running on Chongming Island, reported local media last month. The turbines are said to be able to generate enough clean energy to provide 70 per cent of the island’s power. They have been connected to the city’s power grid so that redundant electricity can be supplied to other parts of the city, according to Liu Jinsong of the China Electric Power Research Institute. And apparently, there are yet more turbines to come on the island, which will aim to supply the rest of Shanghai. We are certainly raising a toast to more clean energy for this city in the future.