Around Town

Your news round-up for the month of May

Disney Preparations Reach Fever Pitch

Disney will open its doors to the public in a mere two months, and the city is getting into gear to host the massive influx of tourists visiting the park. Disney has revealed that it will be introducing a Shanghainese themed menu, with Disney elements. Dishes to have been revealed so far are the Mickey Chocolate Tart, Mickey Pork Cake, Donald Duck Waffle and Braised Pork Knuckle in Dark Soy sauce. The Disney train service also began trial runs last month. Shanghai Daily reported that Disney Station at the end of the Disney Line, the section of Line 11 that starts at Luoshan Road Station, started carrying passengers on a trial basis.
Shanghai Zoo Receives Cousin Pandas
Shanghai Zoo took delivery of two giant pandas last month. The two and half year old male cousins, named Ya’er and Xing’er, were flown in from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. They have replaced their female twin predecessors, who returned to the Chengdu research centre, after a two-year stretch in Shanghai, for mating to help enlarge the population. Park officials told local media that Ya’er is curious and active, while Xing’er loves climbing trees, playing with other pandas and bathing. This month’s balmy weather will make for the perfect occasion to go and welcome the new furry arrivals to Shanghai.
Road Safety Notices For Foreigners
You might have noticed that local authorities have been cracking down on road safety a lot more this year, and you would not be wrong. As part of an initiative, which started in March, to bring foreign e-bikers up to speed on the city’s traffic laws, police officers have joined forces with Shanghai International Studies University officials to distribute “road safety notices” in English, Russian, Japanese and Korean. The notice lists the 10 most frequently committed traffic offenses committed in the city, including not having a plate or taking a passenger. We suggest that you brush up on your road safety knowledge before hitting the roads.
Slide Into Summer Sales
That five-storey shopping mall slide, which went viral a few months ago, is finally open to the public. If you missed it, the silver, tubular slide starts on the fifth storey of the mall and loops its way perilously down to the bottom floor. What’s even more fantastic (or not) is that guests can ride it for free! Although many commentators have some serious health and safety concerns, as at time of print, the ride was operating swimmingly. If you are feeling brave, visit the Printemps Department Store in Pudong to test it out for yourself.