Just Desserts: Bellagio’s Mango & Coconut Ice

By Audrey Courty

No matter which way you slice it, dessert is a sweet way to end a meal. Each month, Talk serves up a deliciously decadent meal-clincher.

Bellagio has been serving up Taiwanese treats for years now, and whilst you can’t beat their Three Cups Chicken or Braised Pork with Rice, the ice-blended desserts are what keep diners coming back for more, and not just because their mountains of fruit and ice are exceptionally photo-worthy, they’re delicious too.

The mango and coconut ice served with fresh pomelo, mango slices and sago pearls is a must-try. Whilst this fruity dessert is more simply known as ‘mango ice’ in English, it has a much more poetic rendition in Mandarin: yang zhi gan lu or “sweet dew drops falling from a willow branch” and is as refreshing as the name suggests.

The finely-shaved ice is doused with silky mango purée and creamy coconut sorbet in a tropical mound that is then adorned with luscious cubes of golden mango and plump pomelo. Whilst the fragrant sweetness of the mango contrasts with the bursts of bittersweet pomelo, the fresh pieces of fruit add a fuller, thicker texture to this dessert. As you slip your spoon further into the velvety concoction, a delicate bed of sago pearls awaits at the bottom of the bowl, with a chewiness that complements the fluffy coconut ice, softening the palate for a satisfying mouth-feel. And with the restaurant open until 4am, this is a late night favourite for the weekend warriors. You can invigorate your taste buds for as a late as the craving hits.

RMB 32. 68 Taicang Lu, near Songshan Lu. Tel: 6386 5701

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