The Purple Onion to Close

Another restaurant bites the dust thanks to landlord issues. The Purple Onion, one of our favourite places to pop in for a pizza, is the latest location to fall victim, but don't fret Lex Hauser-lovers. This doesn't mean the end of deconstructed caprese salads, Aussie lamb pies and quirky rugs.

In a press release today, David Laris Concepts announced today that the Purple Onion will close on 15 January. "The closure will be due to the upcoming expiration of the venue's lease with the Old House Inn. The landlord has confirmed that the lease with The Purple Onion will not be renewed, which has therefore compelled the David Laris group to determine to close the restaurant. DLC has been actively looking for a new location and plans to re-launch the concept in a larger space during 2012."

We'll keep you posted on any more updates as they come in. While you're waiting for the new space, maybe head on down to Anfu Lu and see how Laris' latest venture serving up Shanghainese food fares.