Art TALK: Rush Still

It’s been a while since I posted an art-related blog, but I got a press release today about an exhibition that actually looks kind of interesting. The guys over at 1918artspace on Moganshan Lu are presenting an exhibition named ‘Rush Still’. Poor name aside, this seems like it could be quite interesting, and definitely worth half an hour of my time.

The exhibition features work from Till Rabus (pictured), and Chinese artists Zheng Delong, Song Yonghua and Gong Xinru. According to my handy press release, the point of it all is to encourage us to reflect on these questions: "Who are we? And what makes us?” To me that sounds a lot like hot air, but nevertheless this is an exhibition of some nice works of art from some locally famous artists and one internationally-renowned one.

While the work from the other artists looks good, it’s the stuff by the Swiss artist Rabus that really excites me. His almost Dali-like imagery is both surreal and oddly realistic. Clearly having taken inspiration from classic movies like War of the Worlds. His subject matter is relatable but otherworldly, like a Pixar movie about aliens.

I find it hard not to be charmed by the idea that my picnic basket could animate itself and start destroying Shanghai. Although I hope Michael Bay doesn’t read this blog or we could be looking at the plot for Transformers 3.

Where: 20 Moganshan Lu